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march, 2017

25marsatWild Beats – The Wild Detectives' 3 Year Anniversary Party2:00 pm - 1:00 am (26) Event Type :Backyard Show

Wild Beats

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Wild Beats Finale 2016
Wild Beats finale 2016. Photo by Scott McDaniel

It’s time to celebrate, The Wild Detectives is turning 3. Our Wild Beats party last year was pretty crazy and it ended with everyone jumping to Tempranillo’s music –just check the photo. Tempranillo is back this year, along with some of the best names out there in the already vibrant, exciting and super-talented Dallas music scene. It’ll be a multi-genre, poly-rhythmic, pan-Dallasian one day-festival in which we’ll be saying ‘thank you everyone’ quite loudly for all of the support we’ve gotten over these past 3 years (Dallas, we love you!), and you, our dear friends, you’ll be dancing your asses off, of that much we can assure you.

Check out the promo we’ve done for our one-day festival. Pretty neat, right? The music is the cool and hypnotizing beginning of Fear by Def Rain, a 2016 Dallas Observer Music Award winner, and one of the bands that’ll be playing at our party. Everything makes sense.

And now the who’s who of Wild Beats, the cream of the crop in the quite abundant talent in Dallas + 2 very bad hombres.

Adam & The Figurines
Psych Rock & Roll

Adam & The Figurines

Adam & The Figurines is a Dallas 5-piece rock band featuring the latest songs of Adam Amparan, journeyman songwriter from El Paso via Austin TX. Adam’s career has swung wide from his early post-hardcore days in At The Drive In, to the psyche-soul of Super Secret’s Nervous Exits, and on to the melodic country-stained 60’s garage-psyche of his most current work. Listen to the record here.


Hip Hop / Experimental

So-So Topic, or ‘-topic,’ for short, is a hip-hop/spoken word artist and self-taught producer out of Dallas, TX (by way of Alberta, Canada). As the leading man of a small collective entitled TeamFromNowhere (a team of creatives ranging from singers & poets to multimedia content creators), -topic has shared his story in multiple academic settings including TEDx, the Dallas Museum of Art, and presented performances alongside todays’ innovators of creative culture, such as Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, and Thundercat (via Red Bull Sound Select), and became the first musician to receive a grant from the city of Dallas. In his words: “I earned a $10,000 grant from my city, just for doing the artsy fartsy stuff I would’ve done regardless.” -topic’s full discography is available now at bandcamp.


Avant Glam

Siamese is the glam rock band of four theatrically inclined friends from Dallas, TX. Mixing ominous art pop with opulent set design and deranged alter egos, their live show makes you feel like you could go out and invent a new color, or wear a leotard to work. The band released their debut record ‘The Mesmerist’ this month, and is set to spend 2017 touring the U.S., expanding their collaborations with the Dallas theater, visual arts and fashion communities, and teaching their guitarist how to put on makeup. You can listen to their album on spotify.


Def Rain
Electro-Space Pop

Electro-space pop duo Def Rain – singer/songwriter Ashley Cromeens and CJ Abe Lincoln – formed in 2011 in Denton, TX and quickly began to draw a buzz in the North Texas scene. Known for fog engulfed, laser saturated live shows, Def Rain quickly began captivating audiences, including the lead singer of The Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne. “We wanted to find a way to have a live show that was entertaining for the audience and for us, says Cromeens. Every show is a little different than the last, incorporating anything from backlight reactive jumpsuits to translucent ghost lamps.” “Def Rain’s sound is a mixture of genre-bending and blending, incorporating ethos of hip-hop alongside surf-rock poetry,” says THWRD magazine co-publisher, Lee Escobado. “Cromeens is as much interested in being ahead of the curve as she is in widening it.” Def Rain looks forward to their sophomore LP release as well as an EP to quickly follow. Listen to them here.


Ronnie Heart
Funk / Disco

Ronnie Heart is the moniker of stylish latin- american r&b/funk singer songwriter and guitarist Ronnie Gierhart. Heart’s love affair with music and dance started early on through his El Salvadorian/Colombian parents and breakdancing at youth centers and dance companies in his south Houston neighborhood. Upon moving to north Texas in 2002, Heart played guitar for a number of north Texas bands, most notably Neon Indian and VEGA. Heart left Neon Indian in 2011 to pursue a solo career. Inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince, and Stevie Wonder, Heart makes music that brings an emphatically positive dance party. Ronnie Heart released his debut ep ‘you(r) mine’ in April 2016 on New Media Recordings to critical acclaim. It incorporates r&b, funk, and electronic styles. His positive and high energy shows are always a joyous, vibrant experience. Album of the year 2016: Fort Worth Weekly. Listen to Ronnie Heart here.


Los Mosaicos
Chicha / Cumbia

Los Mosaicos

Los Mosaicos is a band from Denton,TX that fuses the sounds of Peruvian Chicha with the improvisational aspects of Jazz. Los Mosaicos fuses the sounds of Peruvian Chicha with the improvisational aspects of Jazz. The band plays the traditional repertoire of Psychedelic Cumbias from Perú with respect to the original recordings but adding extreme contrast to the improvised solos that bring influences from Salsa all the way to ‘Bitches Brew’ era Miles Davis. The band lead by guitarist Pepe Valdez is comprised of musicians from all over the world including Colombia, Costa Rica, Perú and Japan and is made exclusively of musicians out of UNT’s Jazz Program. Their first show ever performed was at The Wild Detectives last year and nobody there could stay sit for a long time. Trust us, you’ll move.


Non Stop Hits


From the nights of Madrid we’re bringing our old friend and WD collaborator, Dj Tempranillo to close Wild Beats. He’ll walk us over some of the most exciting hits and electronic works of the past two decades, and you, my friend, will be dancing. Listen to his skillful abilities here.


Carlos Velázquez
Literature Kamikaze

Carlos Velázquez

We’ll count with Carlos Velázquez, “le enfant terrible” of Mexican Literature, as a special guest. Carlos will be, hopefully, our Master of Ceremonies. Worst case scenario he’ll take the mic every now and then to say a few words. Words, that more than likely will be quite inappropriate. We’ll see.

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25 (Saturday) 2:00 pm - 26 (Sunday) 1:00 am


The Wild Detectives

314 W 8th St, Oak Cliff, Dallas