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march, 2023

21martueRobert Escobar: Death in Global Folk Tales7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Event Type :Book Presentation

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Join us for Robert Escobar´s new book launch

Why did the gods rescind mankind’s original state of immortality? What does it mean if a spirit offers the living food or drink? How should you respond if the Lord of Frogs offers to send you to the underworld? When should you be on the lookout for a creature made of human and animal body parts that contains a possession of yours buried in its chest? These questions and more are answered, to varying degrees, in the stories contained within Death in Global Folk Tales.

This is a unique collection of legends, mythology, ghost stories and superstitions. What makes it unique is that it is tied together by what ties all of us together, our mortality. It exhibits how people thought, spoke and wrote about death across cultures, centuries and continents. The book collects and shares its tales for the sake of doing so. And yet, maybe stories about dying can teach us something about living.

One unavoidable fact comes up repeatedly in this work, that our time here will end. The author chose to spend some of that time creating this book.

Robert Escobar is an expert in multiple subjects that you do not get paid to be an expert in. One of those subjects is folklore. His YouTube channel is Object History, his podcast is Strange Weapons, True Crime. His book Saps, Blackjacks and Slungshots: A History of Forgotten Weapons was used as a source in federal court by the Department of Justice. He lives with his wife and children in the Dallas area.


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(Tuesday) 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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