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november, 2022

03novthuNo Idea Festival — Dallas7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Event Type :Film and Music Festival

Event Details

After a 2-year hiatus, No Idea Festival returns with a series of 6 film and video commissions between September and November 2022. A mixture of filmmaker-musician collaborations and solo artist explorations, this year’s festival features works from Mexico City, Venezuela, Japan, France, Australia and the U.S. Live screenings of the commissioned films accompanied by concerts and artist talk will take place in several cities in Mexico and the U.S.

In the Dallas event we are presenting The Displaced Commons chapter of the festival:
Two films made by artists in dialogue with histories shared from afar.

el calor de acá (Ernesto Montiel, Gil Sansón, Aquiles Hadjis)
Sap (Bani Khoshnoudi, Chirstine Abdelnour)

Monte Espina + Parham Daghighi

Bani Khoshnoudi, Ernesto Montiel, Miguel Espinel, Parham Daghighi



About the films

• Sap (2022)
Air, fire, gut. The accumulation of pressure will come out, yell out, call out, make itself known. Impulses and hopes, the breath comes together with the life force pulsing all around us. The leaves, the stems, the rhizomes continue to spread their sap throughout, no matter what.

• el calor de acá  (2022)
Three Venezuelans—two abroad and one still at home—address the question of what remains of your country once you leave it, and what happens when it feels like it left you. Can one rebuild it from memory? Is there a need to do so while the place still stands where it always was? How do you confront a possible Venezuela against its current shape?

About the artists

Bani Khoshnoudi is a filmmaker and visual artist born in Tehran and raised in Texas. Her approach to film comes from a background in photography and architecture, and often deals with themes related to displacement and the modern subject; cities and their transformations, ruins… Her shorts, documentaries and features (Transit, A People In The Shadows, Ziba, The Silent Majority Speaks) have travelled widely through festivals.

Christine Abdelnour lives in France but is of Lebanese origin. After discovering improvised music in 1997 she began a process of self-taught study and sound experimentation using the alto saxophone. She has developed a unique personal language, producing sounds that are close to those of electroacoustic music but on a purely acoustic instrument. She approaches sound as a malleable material, rich in concrete textures which combines breath, silence and countless acoustic distortions. Solo Artist and involved in international tours with: Andy Moor, Magda Mayas, Andrea Neumann, Bonnie Jones, Sven-Ake Johansson, Chris Corsano, Mazen Kerbaj and many others.

Aquiles Hadjis is based in Tokyo since 2009, where he works as a filmmaker and teacher. Hadjis’ practice combines strategies from visual arts and improvisation to drive his performances, installations, music, and instrument building. Linking the idea of prototypes to sketching, he thinks of both as thought that has solidified only slightly—enough to do things it cannot do inside the mind, but still malleable enough to exist as a frame for conversations that beckon the unknown. He has performed and shown his work in the US, Japan, Germany, Austria, Venezuela, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, among other places.

Gil Sansón is a composer, improviser, mixed media and conceptual artist. His work explores grey areas between artistic disciplines, highlighting materiality and dismissing univocal content. Placing a strong emphasis on collaboration, more than half of his production, on record or otherwise, is done in close collaboration with fellow artists, both local and from abroad. His work on record has been issued by record labels such as Winds Measure, Elsewhere, Contour, Dromos and Full Spectrum, among others.

Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Ernesto Montiel is a visual artist, experimental musician/improviser, concert organizer, broadcaster and dj. Formally educated in architecture. Ernesto moved to Dallas in 2015.

Houston born Parham Daghighi is an Iranian-American artist currently living in Austin, Texas. Parham’s approach to the instruments employed in performance is based on deconstruction with the primary goal of providing essential sounds to the environment of each improvisation.

Monte Espina is an electroacoustic free improvisation duo, consisting of Ernesto Montiel and Miguel Espinel, both Venezuelan-born and North Texas-based.  They explore the possibilities of sinuous sonic environments amid amplified sounds and signal processing, and have collaborated with a long list of local and regional artists, their recordings have been published by Marginal Frequency, Elevator Bath and Round Bale Recordings. A year-long/site-specific project in collaboration with Sarah Ruth, cuatro estaciones, has just been released by Full Spectrum Recordings.


Initiated in 2003, No Idea Festival is an annual festival of improvised music based in Austin, Texas.

No Idea’s curation focuses on three aspects of creative process generative to the advancement of contemporary music: Presenting festival curated first-time collaborations between artists. Advancing existing collaborations that are in various stages of development. Establishing new music projects involving festival artists.

During No Idea events, artists articulate a wide variety of working methods and perform within several gradations of improvisation and composition. Audiences witness a broad spectrum of an artist’s work as they move through their most established ensembles, their developing groups, and new, festival-curated first-time meetings. Artists are often brought back to No Idea for multiple years to advance connections and enable a new music to flourish.



***DISCLAIMER: In case of inclement weather, the show will be held indoors.***

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(Thursday) 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


The Wild Detectives

314 W 8th St, Oak Cliff, Dallas