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july, 2017

13julthuFurther Sounds w/ Tri Geamikoj, Aaron Gonzalez + Matthew Frerck & Atop7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Event Type :Music Show

Further Sounds

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Further Sounds comes back to celebrate those explorers that wander beyond the edges of melody. In case you didn’t know by now, Dallas has a very active and rich –yet not always visible enough– experimental scene; we’ve invited some of its most talented artists to showcase what’s going on in the local outskirts of sound. Don’t miss the opportunity to be fascinated by the sound explorations of Tri Geamikoj, Aaron Gonzalez + Mattew Frerck, and Atop.


Tri Geamikoj is a free improvisation trio between “three friends,” Beth Dodds, Chase Gardner, and Karl Roehling. Individually, the three are active musicians in the DFW area as improvisers and are also involved in many other projects such as Beth in Baby Blood, Flesh Narc, and Welcome to Hell; Chase of the experimental duo Cut Shutters; and Karl as an alto saxophone player in various improvisation ensembles with locals like Ernesto Montiel, Miguel Espinel, Andrew Miller, Garrett Wingfield, and others. Together, the three express with brimming personalities their abstract interpretations of the moment they come together in with what instruments that suit their liking at the time, resulting in a sound that embraces spontaneity and strangeness. Their first album, H, was released earlier this year through Chase’s new label, Kikyuu.

You can listen to Tri Geamikoj here.


Aaron Gonzalez plays all kinds of bass, he is a composer, a musical teacher and a performance artist. Elder son of Dennis Gonzalez and older brother of Stefan. Together, the three of them, they are Yeels At Eels (beautiful melodies, explosive rhythm fluxes and bursts of dynamics that borders and passes through countless possibilities in contemporary jazz), with just Stefan they are both Akkolyte (an intense experimental grindcore duo) and both of them plus Gregg Prickett are Unconcious Collective, an avant fusion maximum-power trio. Also with Stefan but adding the extraordinary portuguese guitarist Luis Lopes and saxophonist Rodrigo Amado they have been Humanization Qtet.

Lately he has been developing the intense vocal performance solo Deflowered Electric Flesh Bride and, along with Wyatt Rosser, Sarah Ruth Alexander and Stefan sometimes become Asukubus, a haunting, cold blooded and blunt affair.

You can listen to Yells at Eels here.
You can listen to Unconscious Collective here.

Matthew Frerck is a free improvising bassist from Richardson Texas. Influenced by the recordings of John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, Eric Dolphy and Miles Davis among others, Matthew has been deeply drawn towards creative improvisation and the extraordinary sounds of the double bass. Currently, he is a student at The Oberlin Conservatory of Music studying jazz, creative improvisation, and new music. He has worked with teachers including Peter Dominguez, Dana Jessen, Billy Hart, Jay Ashby and many others. Additionally, he has performed in masterclasses for world renowned artists such as Vijay Iyer, Fred Hersch, and The Punch Brothers. Matthew is a member of the two creative music groups based in Oberlin Ohio, Hatchling (who will be releasing their first album this summer) and Matthew Frerck and his Model T Automobiles who recently opened for guitarist Tashi Dorji.

You can listen to Matthew Frerck and his Model T Automobiles here.


Atop is the solo venture of Cody McPhail, who is part of the elegant postrockian and ambient group Triangulum and is the chief head at Dallas Music Ambient Nights.

Atop, aka Akkad the Orphic Priest, intentionally ingests sound, literature, and film to satiate his intense obsession with all things creative. This allows him to reciprocate synthesized archetypes back into this world as sonic and/or literary children. These children serve as mechanical devices created to carry out abstract/healing functions. Invisible machines brought into existence to better help mankind evolve into a more positive position, to facilitate a more enlightened society that bridges the gap between all persons and animals. A culture where war does not exist, all unnecessary suffering brought to a halt. Society would be allowed to flourish in a purely creative and beautiful state of existence, without the worship of money and material goods. Atop believes that this is possible through honest intentions infused into art. Our creations can have a tangible effect on the material world and through humanitarian/reasonable mind sets we can turn our society into one where all of the myriad creatures coexist in harmony.

“Meditation and enlightenment or fermentation and evolvement. The entire listen is a wave of sound moving toward you, cascading over, then receding. These are analogies to better understand how ATOP’s 777 engages the listener. A solar breeze, moving the molecules in your mind. Comforting, calming and intriguing, these sounds have revitalizing properties.” ~ Lost In A Sea of Sound, September 19, 2015

You can listen to Atop here.

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(Thursday) 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


The Wild Detectives

314 W 8th St, Oak Cliff, Dallas