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may, 2017

08maymonDavid Hicks & David Hopkins7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Event Type :Book Presentation

David Hicks - David Hopkins

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White Plains

White Plains
by David Hicks
Conundrum Press (2017)

We Miss All the Great Parties

We Miss All the Great Parties
by David Hopkins
Lulu (2015)

Stories of self-discovery are always the most moving, personal and emotional for people because of their ability to make the reader question and examine their own lives. The genre is the home to titles such as The Catcher and the Rye, Eat Pray Love and now both White Plains and We Miss All the Great Parties by David Hicks and David Hopkins. These two insightful authors will be joining us at the shop to present their respective novels and provide attendees with new perspectives on their own lives. Come join The Wild Detectives in welcoming these writers and begin your own journey of self-discovery.

White Plains: Flynn Hawkins is a graduate assistant at a prestigious university, on his way to greatness and wisdom. But in the aftermath of 9/11, Flynn leaves his unhappy marriage and beloved children, resigns his teaching position, and heads west, only to get lost in his guilt and in the mountains of Colorado. When he ends up stuck overnight in a snow drift during a blizzard on the Continental Divide, he realizes he needs to remake himself into the kind of man his children need him to be. With wit and insight, David Hicks turns a compassionate but unblinking eye on what it means to be human—to be lost while putting yourself back together again, to be cowardly while being brave, to fail and fail again on the way to something that might be success.

David Hicks grew up in New York, moved to Colorado in his thirties, and is now a professor at Regis University in Denver, where he co-directs the Mile-High MFA in Creative Writing. He has published stories in such fine journals as Glimmer Train, Colorado Review, and Saranac Review. White Plains, his first novel, has been called “a gorgeous and unforgettable debut” by Kathy Fish, “an extraordinary novel” by David Lazar, and “a captivating debut” by Leni Zumas. David, who also plays saxophone for a rock band called the Plagiarists, lives with his wife Cynthia in Colorado, and his two grown children live nearby.

We Miss All the Great Parties is 10 stories about odd encounters and personal exploration: A young man in search of meaning connects with his dead girlfriend’s son. A group of men in Wisconsin start a poetry group while waiting for their favorite bar to be rebuilt. A woman discovers her husband has been hiding a secret. (He also wants to rob a bank.) A basketball player continually relives the last six seconds of his worst game. An amateur chess player encounters greatness. A girl attempts to leave a small town. But before she goes, she learns the story of one who stayed. These stories span a variety of genres, technical approaches, and perspectives—one story is a parody, another is written entirely as a series of conversations, one story is a family melodrama, another is a contemplation of pro sports and time travel.

David Hopkins has been a regular contributor to D Magazine and Smart Pop Books. He has written essays for the Dallas Morning News, the Chicago Tribune, and the New York Observer, as well as comic books and graphic novels in a variety of genres. His work also includes the short story collection We Miss All the Great Parties and the burlesque memoir The Wild and Wayward Tales of Tammi True. His essay “How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization” was a editor’s pick with over three million views. For more information, visit:

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(Monday) 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


The Wild Detectives

314 W 8th St, Oak Cliff, Dallas