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may, 2016

17maytueDark Moon Poetry Arts7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Event Type :Poetry Reading

Dark Moon Poetry - Women Galore

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Join the all-female poetry collective for an evening of words by an array of writers from North Texas. Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi is the woman behind Dark Moon Poetry & Arts, a series that seeks to honor the creative feminine & non-binary energies of North Texas. Fatima’s also this person.

For this installment we’ll have writers meira, A. Kendra Greene, Sacred Udders and artist Francine Thirteen who’ll perform a live show

Lyndsay Knecht shares her poetry under the name meira (mih-ira), the Hebrew for Eleanor, her late grandmother’s name. It means “god is my light” which can read “my light is god:” a challenge to find and protect and not forget any given light. The designs letters and words make are what remains when all other systems of desire are taken apart. This is a tenet of Jewish mysticism; more so, it’s a reality for many who’ve felt despair and, in testifying to that, written joy. //// Lyndsay grew up in Dallas and was first a singer, then a dancer, then a writer, then a mother. This is her first reading.

A. Kendra Greene is the Writer in Residence at the Dallas Museum of Art, where she collects oral histories of the institution and composes found poems, performance pieces, and artist’s books from visitor response text. She began her museum career adhering text to the wall, one vinyl letter at a time. At the University of Iowa, she was a Jacob K. Javits Fellow, earned degrees in Nonfiction and Book Arts, and designed costumes for the giant ground sloth Megalonyx jeffersoni. She was once the voice of a spunky, bespectacled, phonics-teaching dragon. Her new chapbook, The Stone Collector, is the latest installment in an ongoing project on Icelandic museums and the sorcery, sea monsters, and specimens that inspire them. Anomalous Press inaugurated the series last year with Anatomy of a Museum, or, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Icelandic Phallological Museum But Were Afraid to Ask.

Sacred Udders is a psychic medium artist playing as a cow goddess archetype who appears through a trans-dimensional portal after being abducted from a mysterious place. A mad scientist who researches the multiple-layers of mind-control in human society. Queer scholar who was trained at the weird Oberlin College as a ritual performer of African Diasporic mysticism. A good listener and psychopomp who hopes to reveal wisdom and foster unconditional eternal loving relations between the Absolute Source and all living entities. Self-discovered shaman astrologer, lucid dreamer and serious occultist. Never bored always reading and hearing the Vedic canon in a trance. Fervent chanter of mantras, prayers and poetry. A devotee of Krishna, aspiring bhakti yogini and servant to all.

Francine Thirteen landed from Venus in Dallas, TX, where she began her earthly life. She is a proud Libra. Thirteen has been creating and singing since she can remember. She is heavily influenced by nature and by the magic of archetypes. Incorporating choreography, theater, and unique projections into her shows, Thirteen seeks to create transformative live performances. Her forthcoming debut album has been innovated in a style that she has coined ‘Ritual Pop’.

Read more about Women Galore here.

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