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may, 2024

23maythuFeaturedAn Evening with: Little Mazarn & Creekbed Carter Hogan7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Event Type :Backyard Concert

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Little Mazarn are coming back from Austin bringing once more their magic to our backyard, and this time they are coming along Creekbed Carter Hogan. This evening promises not just the expansive and naturalistic sentimental songs of Lindsay and Jeff, but also Hogan’s defiant, resilient, and hopeful, folk sensibilities.



Lindsey Verrill (vocals + banjo), Jeff Johnston (saw + harmonium),  Carolina Chauffe (vocals + bass).

“Rather than resting on Southwestern laurels, (Texas River Song) reaches strange, spacious expansion. Naturalistic but futuristic: sentimental banjo plucks perfectly ground Jeff Johnston’s squirmy singing saw and songwriter Lindsey Verrill’s piercingly characteristic voice. Beyond the hyper personalization of many pandemic odes, the meditative record oversees a modern search for nurture, hanging monumental unease around dissonant frequencies. Though in a flash we see community fixture Verrill so clearly “I was the kid in the graveyard, channeling spirits in a leotard’”
Rachel Rascoe, the Austin Chronicle

The music of Little Mazarn is a cool float a few feet from the ground through a dimly lit, almost familiar forest. It is quieter than silence, big as everything, still but always moving. If you’ve ever had flying dreams, or an amazing night time bike ride on LSD, this might be a world for you. Chords are made up of notes; Little Mazarn gives them all their own moment. There are NO superfluous notes played here.
Thor Harris



Open-road mysticism, brokenhearted yearning, and laugh-out-loud wit” Genevieve Wood, The Austin Chronicle

For trans folksinger Creekbed Carter Hogan, everything good is made from the rotten stump of something else. It’s a theme they’ve become familiar with as they’ve made a life weaving stories of growing up religious around songs that pierce the soul, tickle the funny bone, and showcase a unique blend of self-taught folk picking and queer mayhem.

Deftly crafted with folk sensibilities, country swagger, and a power emanating from the force of their own desires, their new self-titled album is both creed and archive: a defiant declaration of survival and solidarity in an otherwise limited world. Careful listeners will certainly delight in hearing familiar folk and country spirits that haunt these songs. Nick Drake’s influence can be felt, a penchant for troublemaking that speaks to hours spent listening to Roger Miller and John Prine. Bobbie Gentry’s flare for orchestral dramatics, while Karen Dalton’s influence sits just to the left of the lyrics.

Clever, hopeful, bald, and true, Creekbed Carter is, above all, an act of resilience: a flaming sword that both creator and listener can use to cut their way out and get forward, together.



***DISCLAIMER: In case of inclement weather, the show will be held indoors.***

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(Thursday) 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Wild Detectives

314 W 8th St, Oak Cliff, Dallas