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This Christmas, Give with Expectations

Get your presents at The Wild Detectives and your drink will be on us.

Christmas Campaign at The WD

Get your presents at The Wild Detectives and your drink will be on us.

Please, those who think that Christmas shopping is usually a stressful, uncomfortable and alienating experience, raise your hand. Most of you? ok. We feel the same. It’s quite terrible, isn’t it? It’s like somehow Christmas is taken out of Christmas, right?

Well, not anymore. Not on our watch. We want you to enjoy your holiday shopping, we want you to celebrate that you got your gifts right, because when you buy your loved ones culture, it shows you have a high opinion of them. Picking the right book or record can be hard work, so why not indulge a little bit in the process?

Starting November 25 and until December 24, your drink will be on us when you get your Christmas presents at The Wild Detectives. It’s very simple, just let our staff know that your purchases are your Christmas gifts when you pay; they’ll get you fixed on the house with whatever it is you’re having; a beer, a cocktail, a glass of wine, or even a coffee, tea or a soft drink if you don’t feel like boozing. Buy a gift, get a gift.

This Christmas, give with expectations at The Wild Detectives.

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