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Our first Independent Bookstore Day

A message from the Wild Detectives to Dallas about Independent Bookstore Day

Independent Bookstore Day

A message from the Wild Detectives to Dallas about Independent Bookstore Day

Tomorrow is Independent Bookstore Day, which happens to be the first one we celebrate in our short but intense existence. While we hope that we get to celebrate it many more years, it’s a relief to know that this day we´ll be supported by more and more bookstores as the years go by. We are living the renaissance of independent bookstores, and just that fact, provides us enough joy to have a decade long celebration.

When we envisioned the Wild Detectives adventure (or antibusiness, as it was defined by one of us in our early conversations) our objective was always to celebrate, support and expand Culture. We truly believe that Public demands culture of quality; but this type of culture is not always accessible, and this lack of exposure, led us to believe that Culture is a minority thing, not for everyone; that reading is something that the youth don’t do anymore, that we don’t read, that reading is boring and demanding, and that is totally understandable that reading is less enjoyable than other ways to have fun.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Us, our costumers and anyone that supports Culture, prove this wrong everyday and know that culture of quality, when accessible, is demanded by most of people; being this a TV show, a movie, a record or a book, specially a book. The Wild Detectives are here to keep demonstrating this everyday.

At the early stages of this project, we weren’t sure about how people would react to our quixotic endeavor; so many things under one roof: books, records, shows, coffee, beer, wine, cocktails, food. It all made sense to us; these are the things that justify our existence as human beings, and the ones that drive our relationship with others. But we were afraid that people would perceive our place as some sort of crazy Bazaar, a place without criterion, which is exactly the opposite of our intention –in the end, we aim to curate everything we offer. Lucky for us, Dallas couldn’t have been more receptive to our idea, and supported us since day one. Yes, we are probably biased, but we are convinced that a city that loves it’s bookstores, is a city that loves itself, a city that supports Culture, and therefore a city that respects the people that live in it.

Well, all we can say is that we´ll be forever grateful for this first year that Dallas let us be ourselves, and that as long as you guys want us here, we’ll be here; the same, or even better with your help.


Psst, so you know, tomorrow 10% off any book purchase, HEMINGWASTED Coloring Book: A Loving Look at Literary Lushes free if you get a book and a cocktail, poetry reading in the Backyard by Bonehouse and a couple of cool surprises we can’t talk about just right now. Be around tomorrow for some independent hedonism.

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