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Mouth full of Words Gastro Week

We’re hosting a week full of food and wine events with guest chef Iñaki Betrán. One challenge: to turn your taste buds into buddies. The joke is bad, the food is not.

Mouth full of Words

We’re hosting a week full of food and wine events with guest chef Iñaki Betrán. One challenge: to turn your taste buds into buddies. The joke is bad, the food is not.

Mouth full of Words is the concept we’ve been using to throw events around food & wine at The WD; Mouth full of Words, because it’s all about the experience and how you share it with the people around.

So far we’ve done several wine tastings and even an oil tasting. This time we wanted to do something a bit more ambitious so… why not hosting a whole week of gastro-events?

We’re lucky enough to count with the help of our friend Spanish chef Iñaki Betrán. Iñaki is one of those super interesting chefs that has come out of the recent Spanish culinary revolution, the so called Modern Spanish Cuisine. With 20 years of experience, he started his career working with –and learning from– arguably the most influential Spanish chef of all time, and the chef who started it all: Juan Mari Arzak; Arzak, in San Sebastián is a 3 Michelin Star restaurant since 1989.

These are the events we’re hosting:

Wednesday to Sunday
We’re starting our Gastro-Week by diving into the very core of the way Spanish people socialize around food beginning with tapas, also known as pintxos in the north. From Wednesday 21 to Sunday 25, we’ll serve daily (from 6p during weekdays and from 12p during the weekend) a succulent selection of pintxos as they are displayed in the Basque Country. They will be over the counter and for everybody to grab one as they please. They all will be same price. Keep the toothpicks to help you keep the count and let the bartender know how many you had when you close your tab.
More info here.

Thursday – 7.30p
Sherries Tasting
Real sherries are unctuous, rich and complex Spanish wines; not sweet as everybody thinks due to bad past commercial practices. We’ll align a sequence of sherries for you to taste and we’ll add a few pintxos in the mix so they enhance one another. Pure Spanish bliss. Attendance is limited to 20 people, so be ready to get your tickets and ensure your seat at the table. Tickets $30 (+Eventbrite’s fee of $2.64).
More info here.
Get your tickets here.

Saturday – 11.30a
Paella Master Class
Paella isn’t a complicated dish to cook, but it has its tricks. Iñaki will cook a paella from scratch in our backyard and will go through the whole process in front of the attendees. Those who come won’t just get all Iñaki’s secrets to accomplish the perfect paella, but will also be able to enjoy a portion and savor what a perfect paella tastes like. Attendance is free and Paella portions will be sold while they last, which won’t be too long.
More info here.

Sunday – 7.00p
Exploring the Senses
To round out our Gastro Week we’ll screen The Mystery of Palo Cortado, an awarded documentary film about the wine-making process of Sherry. We’ll be serving the different kind of sherries featured in the movie, so you’ll be able to taste along with the screening and get a first hand impression of all the things discussed in the documentary.
More info here.

As you can see, The backbone of Mouth full of Words Gastro-Week is the maridaje (food and wine pairing) of pintxos and sherries, which in a way sums up Spain as whole considering that pintxos are from the Basque country (the very north) and sherries from Cádiz (the very south).

We hope this got all your taste buds excited already and you come to enjoy some of these delicacies this week. See you around.

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