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Gift Cards and More….

Gift the perfect evening in Bishop Arts!

Gift the perfect evening in Bishop Arts!

Books, records, cocktails, pinchos, wine, paellas, beer, shows, tastings, plays, you name it!


Welcome to our new digital gift card program, now you can add whatever value you want to your gift card  and send it to a friend with a message, they will get the gift card on their email and they can use it at anytime, they never expire. Additionally, all our gift cards are also valid for our sister restaurant Sketches of Spain, so you can pretty much gift them the perfect evening in Bishop Arts ­čÖé

And for the die hard fans, here is our membership program, which allows you to enjoy all those things you love at a more affordable price. Once you join, you’ll get unlimited 10% off on every purchase you make at our both establishments: The Wild Detectives and Sketches of Spain. It will also give you special access to tastings, shows and other activities that we program at both locations.

You can select a six months or one year membership period. It’s very easy to join and enjoy, select the membership period you would like to get, once you do it, you will receive a code, just give us that code when you make a purchase at any of our establishments and you’ll get 10% off automatically. You can use it for as many times as you want at both spaces during your membership period. Another great gift!

¡Hasta pronto, amigos!





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The Wild Detectives is your local independent bookstore bar and venue in Oak Cliff. Serious Pleasures.