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The Poetry of Colby Charles

3 Poems

The Poetry of Colby Charles

3 Poems

Dirty Flesh

Each sin and atrocity is met or realized.
There is no way around this certainty of life.
What is conceived in darkness will breathe in light.
Where this is change there is risk,
Where there is risk,
There is reward.
Where there is reward there is gluttony for acknowledgement.
When flesh is dirtied by life or choice,
The only thing left to cover it is not water,
But voice.
When acknowledging, really knowing, sin –
There is a path to choose and many rivers to cross.
As for me, I’ll hide them one at a time –
Until all of my sins are covered
And my skin is complete, marked off.
I will hide behind the art of my life,
And the drawings that have come to depict me.
I will cover my soul until there is only one to be,
Dwelling in dirtied flesh, covered in sin,
That One is me.

Your Lavender Sheets

What is said in the lavender sheets?
When we’re both vulnerable and we inspired each other’s needs.
The warmth of breast and the air of breath,
the beating of two prideful hearts.
We will still be learning of loves ever moving parts
when we’re our mothers’ age.
But I’ve no life to see without you,
At every stage.
This is life, as cliché.
This is us, in loves’ fair state.

Lost and Found

Love is a full lost and found.
A talk with those you’ve made proud.
With any memory of what you had is exactly that –
Love is past, tensely, and present –
Time used good well, spent.
To shift a shape
To clear a mind,
To rip the tape
And change the time.
Everything is holstered in two.
A memory is not your own,
You must be careful.
Others’ possessions can adhere to woes.
The ship still shakes
And a whisky bites.
Lost and found, love.
The only two types.

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Colby Charles 27, resides in The Knox-Henderson area with his girlfriend, pup, and best friend. (Sarah, Frances, and Taylor Respectively). Studied literature and music at A&M Commerce. Major influences are Anthony Green, Christopher Poindexter, Voltaire, and conversations with William Burnson. more works can be found at