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Tinajero Papers

Static Age – Chapter 1: Intercession

Static Age – Chapter 1: Intercession

Mid 90’s, grunge, Deep Ellum. It’s been almost two years since the punk-obsessed teen Nathan developed his unlikely crush on Vanessa, the daughter of a local Baptist preacher. Now, in the midst of producing his first low budget zombie film, his young love has just returned from a mysterious freshman year of college giving him a chance to revive their relationship. But Nate has only a few days to rush in before she leaves yet again, for a summer-long backpacking adventure through Europe. Can he reconcile the conservative values of her father—who became something of a father to him as well—with the exciting attitudes of his stage-diving, cop-trouncing companions? And who can possibly resist the charms of their neon-haired, pill-popping friend Roxy, as cutely endearing as she is dangerous? Read the rest at Jukepop and help me win the contest and get this work published by remembering to vote for each chapter!

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