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Andrés de la Casa-Huertas



by Loiusa Hall

Ecco, 2015

Speak is, without a doubt, the best book I’ve read from (and in) 2015. Louisa Hall’s multiple voice narration about AI unfolds elegantly a deep reflection on what it means to be human. As a reader, I particularly loved how the author pushes the story forward and creates meaning just by the delicate intricacies between the different voices’ stories; there are no statements, it’s up to us the readers to build up the story and to come up with our conclusions. A book packed with Eureka moments.

como la sombra se va

Como la sombra que se va

by Antonio Muñoz Molina

Seix Barral, 2014

Antonio Muñoz Molina desarrolla en paralelo dos relatos: el de la huída a Lisboa de James Earl Ray después de asesinar a Martin Luther King y la propia autobiografía del autor alrededor de los días en que gestaba su segunda novela, El Invierno en Lisboa, a finales de los 80. La Historia como novela y al contrario que Mailer no viceversa; un escarceo brillante entre lo real y la ficción en el que el autor recompone con agudeza y empatía lo que debió pasar y no sabemos. Lo mejor: las reflexiones del autor sobre el proceso de contar una historia.

Weekends Without WiFi
This is what WWW stands for now on weekends at The WD.

After the World Wide Web, comes another WWW, Weekends Without Wi-Fi!


In order to promote real interaction, our Wi-Fi will be shut down during the weekend time (Fridays 5p until Sunday night)

The Bestest of 2015
The Super-Very-Besto

The ‘Bestest’ of 2015


The very best of 2015 according to the people who make The Wild Detectives possible and some of our great friends.

Beer O'Clock

It’s beer o’clock


Do you think that Hemingway, Faulkner or Kerouac became Hemingway, Faulkner and Kerouac had they just sat behind their typewriters?

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