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    Mireia Tondo

    My Brilliant Friend

    My Brilliant Friend

    by Elena Ferrante

    Europa Editions, 2012

    Nobody like Elena Ferrante (pseudonym of an unidentified character) has been able to portray so intensively the complex and sincere friendship of two friends called Lina and Lenu. My Brilliant Friend is the first volume of 4 in which Ferrante introduces us to the two indisputable characters. The story focuses on the infancy of the girls spent in a decadent suburb of Naples in the early 50s. Beyond characters, stories and memories of childhood, the author awakens us with everyday drama that catches and chokes for its reality and closeness. Those who have already read the tetralogy say that all the feelings that are generated throughout life are explored without censorship. Once you start reading the first one, you will explore what many have already called the Ferrante drug.

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