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    Kelsey Capps

    After The Winter

    After the Winter

    by Guadalupe Nettel

    Coffee House (2018)

    After the Winter takes its characters’ isolation and shows us what they’re really made of when their storylines collide. True love to cemetery musings to better-late-than-never redemption, this one has it all.



    by Tara Westover

    Random House (2018)

    Educated is a memoir unlike others; raised by fundamentalist, doomsday-prepping Mormons, Tara Westover escapes her abusive environment by teaching herself not just academics, but redemption as well. One of @nytimes Best Books of the Year!

    Sister Outsider

    Sister Outsider

    by Audre Lorde

    Crossing Press (2007)

    Sister Outsider is a classic that deserves revisiting. Full of cutting wisdom, Lorde reminds activists and citizens alike that “Revolution is not a one time event.” Food for thought and for the soul in these politically charged times.

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