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    “The savage detectives are life investigators, inspectors of the experience.”
    –Juan Villoro about Roberto Bolaño’s The Savage Detectives

    Roberto Bolaño & Mario Santiago Papasquiaro. Mexico DF, circa 1976. Photo via

    Javier Garcia del Moral and Paco Vique
    Paco Vique & Javier García del Moral. Austin, circa 2009

    Talking about yourself is not the easiest thing to do and yet, you are often asked to do so. When that self is The Wild Detectives it can get really tricky because The WD are many things –well, in reality they are trying to be many things and hoping to actually be a few of them.

    The WD are the result of a long conversation, probably not the most articulated one but always very enthusiastic, on which longtime friends Javier Garcia del Moral and Paco Vique spoke passionately about things –books, wine, bands- they loved.

    These two friends were imprudent or reckless or simply ignorant enough to actually realize that 10 year beer fed thought, grown at random bars all over the cities -Madrid, Dublin, Dallas, Mexico City – their actual job as civil engineers took them.

    So The WD are now a reality and Javier and Paco, instead of endlessly preaching, intimidating and invading friends, family or stranger spaces, to talk about what people should read, drink or listen to, have now found a more civilized and less threatening way of spreading the word about those things that are really worth it.

    And that is how, The WD are now at least offering to their founders, the immense satisfaction of being able to expose a local band or a small author or a remote wine to those wider audiences that The WD feel they deserve. The satisfaction of enjoying those serious pleasures with you.

    The Wild Detectives’ name is a loose translation of Roberto Bolaño’s Los Detectives Salvajes (The Savage Detectives, 1998), from which the business takes a lot more than just the name. Our mission at The Wild Detectives is to curate all those things that matter, those serious pleasures which turn life into experience.

    Your Morning Coffee. We bring you coffee cultivated by direct trade practices and roasted locally in the neighborhood.

    Your Afternoon Snack. We’ve envisioned a menu inspired by the way Mediterraneans enjoy their food; as the perfect excuse to socialize. Our delicious selection of toasts and plates can be combined to fit anywhere between a simple snack or a full meal. Food that you don’t need to commit to.

    Your Evening Drink. We serve beer that has been brewed right around the corner. You could also enjoy our selection of wine that brings great Spanish wines at an affordable price. You feel more like cocktails? Look no further, we have a good selection of classics re-designed by Benj Pocta of Small Brewpub.

    Your Everyday Books. We have curated a selection of Fiction and Poetry and untranslated Spanish Literature that lends itself to discovery. We’ve also curated a small selection of records. Not all the indispensable ones are here, but all the ones that are here are indispensable. Believe us, we have a book for you.

    We host a lot of events as well like book presentations, signings, readings, wine tastings, backyard shows, DJ sets, movie screenings…

    So far, the business has grown swiftly and it has gained a lot of attention in the media. It’s been chosen Best Bookstore 2014, 2015 and 2016 by D Magazine, Best New Thing in Town 2014 by the Dallas Observer and it has been selected by American Airlines magazine, American Way, along with Powell’s and other 3 bookstores in the country, as the spearheads of the recent American indie bookstore renaissance.

    In April 2016 we were invited by University of Texas in Arlington to give a talk as part of their TEDx program. We thought the best thing to do would be explaining why we added a bar to our bookstore.

    We strive to fill our space with the kind of culture that makes our lives rich and stimulating; books, records, shows, plays, readings… and above all, hours of conversation. Things that will get you to a new place every day.

    314 W Eighth St. Oak Cliff.
    Dallas, TX 75208. T: 214-942-0108